Bogus “CyBRICS” events precaution

6 December 2022

⚠️ Please Note: competition runners of CyBRICS Capture The Flag 2019, 2020 and 2021 (SPbCTF community) have not announced any plans on holding CyBRICS in 2023.

If anyone invites you to support, endorse or take part in an event claiming to be “CyBRICS”, we advise against looking at previous years’ CyBRICS CTFs to gauge the new event’s level, and suggest treating it as a separate event with no prior history—previous showrunners and challenge developers are not associated with running that one.

More info on SPbCTF and ITMO University in 2022 →

The Game is Over!

It's a wrap on our 24-hour Quals! Thank you to all the teams. We hope you liked it!

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Congratulations to Bushwhackers — Top-1 in Quals, they get a spot in XCTF Finals from the XCTF organizing commitee.

Congratulations to Top-5 Teams in each of BRICS countries — they're invited to the on-site CyBRICS Finals in St. Petersburg.

In the coming days we will send emails about Finals to Top-10 teams in each country (so we have a stand-by list just in case). Please check the email address in your Team Profile — if it's wrong, we won't be able to reach you. If it is, or if you don't get an email until Tuesday, contact us.

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